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Axial 1/10 EXO Terra Off-Road 4WD Buggy RTR AXI90024


Axial EXO Terra 4WD RTR Off-Road Buggy
This is the Axial EXO Terra Ready-to-Run high performance off-road buggy with a 2.4GHz radio system, a Castle Creations developed brushless power system, and a host of high-performance features.
High Performance and Scale Realism
The EXO Terra RTR Buggy builds on the EXO kit version which features a variety of fully licensed, realistic features including a licensed Griffin radiator, licensed Hankook Dynapro MT tires and Raceline Renegade wheels. To meet the demands of today’s performance thirsty drivers, Axial worked with Castle Creations to develop a brushless system that had power and the ability to handle popular 3S Lipo battery packs for an incredible, high performance experience right out of the box. At the end of the day, that’s what the EXO Terra Buggy delivers - durability, superior four wheel drive handling and intense, high performance off road action!
2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver
AR-3 2.4GHz receiver - no crystals required.
2.4GHz, 2 channel pistol grip radio.
Reversing switches for steering and throttle.
Trim dials for steering and throttle centers
Low battery indicator light.
AR-3 2.4GHz receiver - no crystals required.
No frequency conflicts for worry-free driving.
Bind button and LED makes setup easy!
Lightweight, compact size.
Robust Molded Roll Cage Design
The cage closely resembles what you'd find on full-scale vehicles making this a strong and proven tough design that keeps the EXO Terra well protected.
Quick Release Battery Mount
The patent pending quick release battery mount is easily adjustable to fit any battery pack. The flexible rubber straps are connected to a hinge on one end and the other contains a pin that keys into a composite plastic latch that keeps your battery securely in place. There's also an integrated "lift assist" mechanism which puts the battery in the best position for removal. The lower plastic end plates are adjustable which allow you to fit any battery pack, and in most cases, two batteries will fit standing on edge. The motor position is centered lengthwise and battery is positioned towards the center for balance and stability.
Battery removal is easy. Remove two body clips to remove the side body panel and you gain access to the battery compartment. Then, simply push down and lift up on the two straps and your battery can then be removed. It's as easy as that! LiPo battery pack recommended (not included). Battery must have a Deans plug connector.
Realistic Scale Details
The EXO features a variety of fully licensed, realistic features including a licensed Griffin radiator with realistic fan blade and grille cover details (included but not installed), licensed Hankook Dynapro MT tires and Raceline Renegade wheels.
Brushless Motor & ESC Developed by Castle Creations
Developed by Castle Creations for Axial, the Vanguard ESC provides exceptional power, braking and adjustability. The 2900kv Vanguard Brushless motor helps the EXO RTR quickly get up to speed and efficiently put power to the ground through the 4WD EXO drivetrain. The complete system is 3S capable which will allow you to lay down some serious power!
4mm Aluminum Chassis
The center chassis is made from 4mm thick aluminum for durability and features recessed pockets to lower the center of gravity.
Three Oil-Filled Differentials
Three, silicone oil-filled differentials transfer power to all four wheels and because they’re oil-filled they can be fine tuned with optional oil. Each differential features four sintered gears housed in compact differential cases. This also allows the EXO to use compact and streamlined bulkheads for reduced weight, meaning less spinning mass for higher performance.
Durable Driveline
The stub axles are held in place by two bearings, an outer small bearing, and a large inner bearing. The larger inner bearing increases durability and stability. The steering pins are steel for less wear and increased durability. The axle is mated to a standard 12mm cast aluminum hex hub.
2.2/3.0 Officially-Licensed Raceline Redegade Wheels
Raceline is by far the most popular wheel for extreme duty off-roading. Their ability to stand up to the abuse demanded by the full-size racer and their show quality finish is second to none. The officially licensed Raceline Renegade gives the EXO that authentic racing look as well as providing the strength to handle whatever you can dish out!
Hankook Dynapro MT Tires
The EXO features realistic, officially licensed Hankook Dynapro MT tires that perform as good as they look. The front tires are narrow (34mm) which help the EXO navigate the terrain while the rear tires are wide (41mm) putting the power to the ground with enough traction to keep the EXO firmly planted. Internal ribbing helps reinforce the sidewall to prevent it from folding over which keeps the tires working at peak performance.
Adjustable Suspension
Threaded shock bodies, multiple shock positions and adjustments for ride height, suspension travel, toe, kickup (rear), camber, roll center and ackerman allow you to fine tune your suspension for high performance.
Tuned Shock Springs
Finding the right spring rate can be tough. Axial made it easy for you by including what we found to be the right balance of high speed and harsh terrain handling. The spring rate we’ve chosen keeps the EXO on course and ready for your next obstacle!
Protective Skid Plate Bumpers
The front and rear bumpers are hinged which allow them to flex upon impact, protecting the EXO from crash damage. Aluminum skid plate inserts add an extra level of protection and feature an embossed surface for added style.
Wire Routing
The chassis has plastic routing clips throughout which helps keep your receiver and servo wires snug and away from moving parts which could shred the wires.
Protective Receiver Box
The receiver box keeps your radio gear protected from the elements and with integrated wire management, it keeps the receiver leads organized and away from moving parts.
Innovative ESC Clip
Three ESC mounting clips are included with the EXO - one installed with the Vanguard ESC mounted, one allowing you to mount a variety of common ESC's, and a universal mount.
Length: 19" (482.6mm)
Width: 11.2" (285mm)
Height: 9" (228.6mm)
Ground Clearance: 2" (50mm)
Weight (w/o electronics): 4.5lbs (2.03kg)
Battery pack (7.2V NiMH or 2-3S LiPo with Deans connector)
Battery charger
AA batteries (4)
Building and track equipment

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